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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for opportunities to give back to the community? Contact the following local community organizations to explore volunteer opportunities today! 

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

The New Baltimore Recreation Center is looking for volunteers to help with the following programs:

  • Adopt a Park: Contact the New Baltimore Parks and Recreation Department if you have a church group, school group, or any other group that likes to stay involved with their community. New Baltimore parks are always in need of minor maintenance and cleaning attention. Your groups efforts can make a huge impact in helping the community.
  • Volunteering & Coaching: Volunteers are needed throughout the year for a variety of programs and events. Volunteers are necessary for the success of the parks and recreation department. If you are looking for volunteer or community service opportunities, please contact the recreation center. The recreation department regularly accommodates high school students that are in need of community service hours.                                                  

Contact the Recreation Department directly at (586) 725-0291, visit their website here, or check them out on Facebook. For additional volunteer opportunities or to earn community service hours, check out the list above!