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Growing Together

The MacDonald Public Library Giving Tree

The Library is the center of lifelong learning in any community. It provides materials, services, programs and facilities for people of all ages. As the needs of the community change and grow, the library must also grow. You can help ensure that future generations will have a library that has grown and developed to meet those needs.
You can also help endow those "extras" such as new acquisitions, programs and special projects which enhance the services offered to all who use the library. Your donation to the library or to the MacDonald Public Library Giving Tree helps maintain an area resource for you and the community.

How to Contribute
The Giving Tree will "grow" in the library vestibule where it will serve as a permanent record of groups or individuals who have made a donation to MacDonald Public Library. Adding a leaf, stone, or acorn to the tree is an ideal way to honor someone's memory, celebrate one of life's milestones, or help with the continued growth of our library.
Bronze leaf - $100 - $499
Silver leaf - $500 - $999
Gold leaf - $1,000 - $2,499
Acorns - $2,500 - $2,999
Stones - $3,000 & up
Click here for a Contribution FormPlease check with your tax advisor as your gift may be tax deductible.


Donor Recognition & Honorariums


Anchor Bay Artists, Inc.
Anchor Bay Central Leasing Co.
Cox, Alice & Charles
DeVinney, Cora Ellen
Gaedcke, Duane & Cheryl
Jones, Dale & Denise, MSUCOM at Macomb University Center
McDonald's Restaurant
Stevi B's Restaurant
Dale F. Wolfgram


Anchor Bay Artists, Inc.
Anchor Bay Fiber Guild
Anchor Bay High School DECA Chapter
DeVinney, Cora Ellen
Grashik, Margaret
Koloziejzak, Evelyn, in memory of Rosalie Kowalski
McDonald's Restaurant
Petrone, Susan
Unruh, Dan & Barb, in honor of Immaculate Conception Church & School


Anchor Bay Professional Plaza Owners
Augustyn, Damiel
Beltz, Shirley
Berry, Irene, in memory of Marie Marsh
Buccilli, Nicole & Isabella, read 100 books
Butler, Stacey & Ken
Carrothers, Bill & Bette
Cicolini, Margaret, in memory of Marie Marsh
Demick, Ronald & Michelle
DevInney, Cora Ellen
Dubay, Robert & Tina, in memory of Phyllis Fowler
Dudgeon, Susan,  in memory of Phyllis Fowler
Dusza, Mrs. Donna
Earle, Ron & Camille, in memory of Ryan
Fournier, Robert, in memory of Anita Fournier
Gaedcke, Duane & Cheryl
Grier, Richard & Bernadette
Gurin, Ann
Hibbard, John & Mary Ann, in memory of Jamie Hibbard
Holser, Debbie & Lani, in memory of Marie Marsh
Johnson, Roy & Madryn
Juska, Gintaras & Dawn
Killmar, Steven & Vicki
Kniight, Paul & Kim, in memory of Edward & evelyn Knight
Koenig, Charles & Walli, in memory of John Koenig
Korbick, Matthew, in memory of Marie Marsh
Krupa- Grier, Mr. & Mrs. Richard, in memory of Phyllis Fowler
MacDonald, Barbara, in memory of Marie Marsh
Maliskey, Larry & Barbara, in memory of Marie Marsh
Marsh, Patricia, in memory of Marie Marsh
McDonalds Restaurant
McNally, Karen
Mitchell, Joseph & Donna
New Baltimore Progressive Literary Club
Nowinski, Bob & Fran
Parus, Dale & Deborah
Peshek, David, in memory of Anita Fournier
Petrone, James & Susan
Polcyn, Brigitte, in memory of Donald Polcyn
Polcyn, Greg
Price, Robert & Margaret, in memory of Marie Marsh
Roberts, Dorthea, in memory of Marie Marsh
Roehm, Mark & Debbie, in memory of Marie Marsh
Thomas, James. in memory of Marie Marsh
Zarcus, William & Nancy

Bartowski Family
Bartow, Charlie & Julie
Bay-Rama, Inc.
Bayer, Mary Ann & Greg
Becker, Bernard & Janice
Berguland, Byron & Anne
Berk, Dorothy
Berglund, Byron & Anne
Berk, Dorothy
Bottino, Michael & Michelle
Bowers, Pat
Brdak, County Commissioner Brian
Brouillard, Karen
Bujak, Chris, Kristin & Katelyn
Cassisa, John & Mary Jo
Comella, Judith
Cooper, Michelle, the Styker & Cooper family
Corsetti, Len, Nancy & Mike
Costante, John, Lori & family
Costnadi, Keem
Custer, Ron & family, in memory of Elaine
Delfucco, Catherine
DeVinney, Cora Ellen
De Wolf family
Dickerson, Fernandez, Robbie, in memory of Dudley P. Hernandez
DTE Energy
Dubovenko, Shirley, in memory of Frank LeBeau; in honor of J.LeBeau family
Dyer, John
Eick, Margery
Fleck, Kirsten & HannaH, in memory of Damon
Fleck, Allen & Nancy, in memory of Damon
Friends of MacDonald Public Library - in memory of Mary Goike
Gabler, Kathleen & family
Gaedke, Duane and Cheryl
Gendernalik Funeral Home
Gerow-Hackel, Mary Lynn
Getz, Jim and Cathy
Green, Doug & Julie
Green, Kit
Gunst, Jerry & Jackie
Hageman, Shirley
Haldeman, Kenneth & Marthe
Hayman, Florence
Huff, Don & Lori
Huntington National Bank
Hurley, Allen & Ellie, in memory of Phyllis W. Hurley
Hurley, Roger & Chad, in memory of Phyllis W. Hurley
Jarett,Thomas M.
Joens, Patricia J.
Juska, Gene & Dawn
Karry, Peggy
Kern, Rick & JoAnn
Kirchoff, John & Elizabeth
Knight, Paul & Kim, in  memory of Edward & Evelyn Knight
Koenig, John & Edie
Kolodziejczak, Evelyn
Krupa-Grier, Mr. & Mrs. Richard
Lang. Genevieve
LeBeau, Julia & Family, in memory of Frank LeBeau
Laurain, Joanne
Lenhausen, Don & Rowena
Lisica, Stan & Anna
Lutt Family
MacDonald, John R. Family
Mack, Robert & Geraldine
Marsh, Marie
McClellen, William & Janet
Meijer of Lenox Township
Meldrum, Rocky
Miller, John, Debra & family
New Baltimore Lions Club
New Baltimore Police Officers Assn.
Nussman, Aaron & Kathy
Oakley, John & Susan
O'Linn, Mike & Lynn
Osterland, Leslie & Samantha
Palmer, Noreen, in memory of Robert Palmer
Peacock, John & Joan
Peterson-Nussman, Kathy
Prenitss, Jr., Richard W.
Puwal, Bernadine
Richards, Barbara, in memory of John A. Richards
Robert Clancy Contracting Inc.
Roulo, Phyllis, in memory of Larry Roulo
Runels, Richard & Nancy
Schmid, Bill & Julia
Schmid, Thomas & Mary Jane
Schmid, Judi
Schmitz, Bill & Rita
Schrage, Walter, Mary & family
Semaan, John & Ginny
Ski, George A.
Smart, Dale
Sonnenberg, Adam
Spiekhout, Bruce & Judy
Steffey, Roy & Sharon, im memory of Marie Marsh
Strauch, George & Barbara
Tines, James & Arlene
Tucker, Mary Ellen
Unruh, Dan & Barb
Van De Velde, Dave & Helen
Van Tiem, Jim & Sandi, in memory of Julia
Van Tiem, Mary
Voakes, Michael, Allison & family
Walters, John & Phyllis
White, Carol
Zabowski, Gail
Ziemer, Richard, Margo & family
Zimmerman, Kristin
Zoli, Jim & Carol

Awdrey, Janet & Harry, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Butler, Ken & Stacey
Conrad, Kyrras, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Dent, Lawrence, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Earle, Ron, Camille & family
Harder, Jane
Kern, Richard & Joann
Mack, Geri, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Marsh, Marie, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Schmid family, in memory of Helen Goerlich
Setter Family
Zarkis, Bill & Nancy